70cm (W6YRA/R)


MSF5000 with 40W PA (set to 30W), Low-pass filter, Expansion Tray, TTRC and Digital SSCB

448.540MHz, offset -5.000MHz (443.540MHz), PL82.5Hz, w/ TSQL

  • On top of Boelter Hall
  • Echolink W6YRA-R, Node 550707 (offline)
  • Repeater Book
  • Location: 34.068603, -118.443277, 526 ft AMSL (118ft AGL)
  • Radio Horizon: 39 miles
  • Antenna bearing: SE (135 degrees), ERP ~135W
  • Coax/feed losses: 75ft LMR-400, ~0.5dB duplexer insertion loss
  • SGQ-450A Mobile notch duplexer
  • Mobile notch duplexer for UHF repeater SGQ-450Anotch duplexer narrow
  • Antenna: Cushcraft AFM-44DA 4-pole offset 9dBd (cardioid)

Repeater Coverage



2m (K6LDO/R)

  • 147.030MHz, offset +0.600MHz (147.630MHz), PL162.2
  • On top of Factor