2013 classes

Thanks to K3DIO for these slides

Technician General
1 FCC Rules,  amateur radio service, operator and station license responsibilities.
Commission’s Rules
2 Operating Procedures Operating Procedures
3 Radio wave characteristics, radio and electromagnetic properties, propagation modes Radio Wave Propagation
4 Amateur radio practices and station set up Amateur Radio Practices
5 Electrical principles, math for electronics, Ohm’s Law Electrical Principles
6 Electrical components, semiconductors, circuit diagrams, components Circuit Components
7 Station equipment, common transceiver problems, antenna measurements, basic repair and testing Practical Circuits
8 Modulation modes, amateur satellite operation, operating activities, non-voice communications Signals and Emissions
9 Antennas, feedlines Antennas
0 AC power circuits, antenna installation, RF hazards Electrical and RF Safety
Hours & Info
Nets: Thursdays 5PM, 448.540 MHz-, Tone/PL 82.5 Hz