• Marty Woll (N6VI, formerly WB6VZI) became Club President and held the post until 1972.
  • George Tauxe (W6FJT) was the Faculty Advisor.
  • Funds from UCLA Recreational Affairs were obtained to purchase a new Drake 4-line.
  • Member Clint Bauer (WB6WIT) and Marty managed to obtain an auto-tune HB3-1000Z HF amplifier from Henry Radio.
  • A 20′ tower with 4-element triband quad and a 2-element 40m beam plus dipoles on 80 and 160m were installed.
  • The shack had bad echoes from the concrete walls that became a hallmark of our SSB signals.
  • A 2-weekend “DXpedition” to Nevada was arranged for the ARRL DX Contest. Gene Rock (K7OQQ) was the host for our visit.
  • The new Drake 4-line did not last long. It was stolen the same year!
  • Other active members were Ron Ellis (now KH6DV) and Astronomy Professor John Irwin (K6SE).
  • Awarded DXCC (150 countries).


  • Purchased a used Drake T-4XB Xmtr. Traded in the National NCX-5 transceiver for a Drake R-4A Receiver to match the T-4XB.
  • The Club was very active in contests. Marty (N6VI) participated in the WPX contest (single op.) and obtained a score of 877,965 points.
  • The antenna rotator gave us fits.
  • The UCLA basketball team was winning continuously in Pauley Pavilion.
  • Mini-skirts and bell-bottoms were seen in our shack, though not on the same person at the same time.


  • Ken Seidner (WA6DPQ) began his 3-year term as Club President.
  • The Club continued to be very active.
  • Used HB3-1000Z amplifier to good effect.
  • Participated (and won) the College Bowl Contest.


  • Lots of activity. Participated in FD.
  • Many phone patches being run to South America by club members from that continent.
  • Lots of contesting.
  • W6YRA big signal on 160 and on OSCAR 6 (?).
  • Procured better rotator.
  • Began OSCAR satellite operations using Heath transverter on 2 m and 10 meter quad for downlink. Homebrew orbit calculators and slide rules in use.


  • Rebuilt quad using teflon wire after many failures of original copperweld. Had to tune it up carefully. Big signal resulted.
  • Built SB220 amp after 3-1000Z reclaimed by graduating owner.
  • Some club members worked at Henry Radio (close to campus), so we got a discount!
  • Club active in Mardi Gras – rebuilt the REAL, GENUINE, ORIGINAL Star Trek helm and made it work, lights and all (hard to believe, but true) as part of ESUC booth.
  • Traded in the Drake R4-A and T4X-B for a Kenwood TS-900 + VFO-900 with a Shure-444 Mike.


  • Big signals, lots of stations worked.
  • Received TVI QSL from US Congressman, who was contacted by old lady in Century City whose TV picked us up on 6-m AM. She noted that she normally received only sound on Ch 2, no picture, indicating she was truly tuned close to our operating frequency. Message from Congressman resulted in shutting down 6-m AM activity, for some reason.
  • Ken Seidner (WA6DPQ) and Rocco Lardiere (NK6N) participated in WPX Contest, and attained first place in the 6-th district.


  • Ken Seidner (WA6DPQ) and Rocco Lardiere (N6KN) graduated—only to find themselves working together on real space vehicles at McDonnell Douglas a few years later.
  • McDonnell Douglas Huntington Beach picked up a slightly used 40-m beam when it departs W6YRA in 1983.


  • George Tauxe (W6FJT) retired after serving as Trustee and Faculty Advisor of W6YRA since 1969.
  • Paul Wang (KU6T) took over the job in November,1978.
  • During this year, we had 58 active members.
  • Jeff Hillman (AI6K) served as the Club President, Jack Burke (KA6ARN) as Vice President, and Leslie Kuhn (WD6BAY) as Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Leslie did an outstanding job in redecorating the shack, and in designing the QSL cards which are still in use today (see Home page).
  • The Club members donated money to put in a new rug and furniture for the shack.
  • The Kenwood TS-900S was the work-horse rig of the Club.
  • An ICOM IC221 was used for 2M.
  • Rocco (N6KN), Art Tanaka (WA6TKO), Jeff (AI6K), Leslie (WD6BAY), and Daniel Cafaro participated in the WPX SSB contest, and attained first place in the 6-th district (multi-single) with a score of 890,442 points.


  • Traded in our old faithful TS900S + VFO-900 for a brand new Kenwood TS180S. That was a mistake. Within a year, the rig’s final transistors were burnt out. It cost us over $100 to replace them. It appeared that radios with transistor finals were to too fragile for our club station. Tube finals seldom suffered instant death!
  • Jeff (AI6K), Bob Maxwell (WB6LHO), Leslie (WD6BAY), Ken (WA6DPQ),and Rocco (N6KN) participated in the WPX SSB Contest, and attained first place in the 6-th district (4-th place in the U.S.) with a score of 2,115,608 points!