• Dave (K6LDO) generously loaned his FT1000MP to our Club.
  • Dave (WA6AYI) and Dave (KE6TZX) acquired PC’s from the UCLA Medical Center
  • A phone line was put in to allow us to get on the Internet.
  • John Yee sets sets up the W6YRA web site


  • Jim Montague (NI6J) takes over as Club President after Dave Timoshik (WA6AYI) became a Silent Key.
  • Ryan Caron (NX1U) adds ethernet access, thanks to Mike Stenstrom’s nearby lab.
  • Active club members during this time include Jacob (KD5FEG/N6HPA), Mike (KF6EYU/AJ6E), Scott (K6AUS), Jason (KJ6BVS) Jason (KI6OKS), Neil (KA6UHN), and Jill (WT1G).