• Gerald Dong (N6ZLH) served as Club President.
  • During this year, our former Club President (1980-82) Wayne Yoshida (KH6WZ) joined us to participate in the CQWW contest.
    • Wayne was the Sales Manager for Kenwood. He brought a TL922A linear for the contest and donated it to the shack after the contest. Many thanks Wayne!
  • We finally retired the good old Heathkit SB220 after many years of faithful service (see Picture #08).


  • Ron Howard (WK6Y) adds our club become a part of the UCLA Emergency Communications Network.
    • Thirty UCLA hams participated in the network.  We had many drills throughout the year.


  • Disaster struck again! The San Fernando Valley earthquake left our shack in shambles.
    • All the book cabinets and chairs were broken. Old QST’s, CQ, and 73 magazines were all over the floor.
    • All the legs of the good old wooden operating table were broken.
    • The Club activities came to an instant halt.


  • Luis Pacheco (AB6KM) became our Club President.
    • He obtained a new ICOM RP4020 440 repeater for our shack (through a complaint to a contractor who damaged our equipment, and ruined our shack’s rug and floor with their tar-covered shoes, a long story!).


  • Dave Ditlow (KC6LDO) became our Club President,
    • Actively sought funding and renovation for our station from the Engineering School and the UCLA Emergency Communication Operations.
    • Assistant Dean Lydia Kowalski agreed to help us in renovating the shack.


  • The shack had a new face lift.
    • A new tiled floor was installed, and walls repainted.
    • Thanks to Assistant Dean Lydia Kowalski and Jim Stewart.
    • Dave (KC6LDO) and Dave Timoshik (WA6AYI) designed the new operating table which was assembled inside the shack in one afternoon.
    • The Telrex beam was replaced by a new Force 12 beam (donated by the UCLA Emergency Communication Operations).
    • Dave (WA6AYI) installed a stainless steel rotator shaft (weighs over a hundred pounds!) inside the tower single-handed.


  • Dave (WA6AYI) became our Club President after Dave (KC6LDO, now K6LDO) left UCLA.
  • Jim Shryne (AC6YV) serves as our Secretary and Treasurer, and his XYL Rachael (KE6SDB) as QSL manager.
  • With the help of Dave Hutter (KE6TZX), the old satellite antennas came back to life.
  • We purchased a dual-band FT-5100 tranceiver. Dave (WA6AYI) worked Hawaii via OSCAR almost every day.
  • We also became active in PSK31. Numerous QSO’s were made via this new mode.
  • Following our club tradition, members continue to participate in all the major contests, especially the CQWW and ARRL 160M CW and SSB contests.